My name is Rob Queen. I am the son of two parents, and the brother of three other brothers, and have had various animals walking up and down my head at various points in life. Some of those animals were small, others were better designed for riding. Fortunately, I have suffered remarkably few injuries from said roles as floormats and bedspreads.

Once upon an early millennium,  I graduated from what non-Americans call “University.” Since then, I have about broken even with time in Asia and the land of my birth. We were about balanced at the start of 2016.

My love of Transformers and the band Phish have resulted in some published work about both, but never have I bothered to connect the two. I’d be afraid of a match-up like sardines and white chocolate.

My debut novel, “The Twelve Cataclysms,” was self-published in June, 2014, and is available on Amazon.com.

Currently, I am finalizing a young adult novel starring a young man named Doran Titus, who can take on the body and shape of any animal. That will be published later this year via Amazon.com. News and updates to come.

A fan fiction novel starring the DC Comics heroine Vixen, “Vixen: The Legend of the Five Totems,” is also being updated every Thursday at Wattpad.


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