This is a collection of all the various essays and shorter works that Rob has put together for your enjoyment.

20 Ells of Hair – A Perspective on Evolution Class bridging over into writing.

Authentic An analysis of a word at a fine dining establishment.

101.9 The discovery of a good radio station.

Sloth Rob is being lazy, so… kitteh!

Beachcomber (or Nailbiters’ Anonymous) How do you work to overcome your addiction?

Transformers: The Movie – Was it Really that Good? With a link to a great video!

Pentagons in Nostalgia Rob meets Superman.

World of Angst – Batman V Superman A review of sorts.

Reflections (Warning – Political. )

Creativity by John Cleese Probably the single greatest speech since Henry.

Seibertron’s Top 10 Episodes An author’s perspective on a really fun article.