Indiegogo Contests


So as you may know, I’m running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the publication of my latest novel  Escape from the Spotlight. What is Escape? Oh, it’s a fun ride, where a young man learns that he has the power to take on the shapes and senses and abilities of a variety of animals. He’s helped along the way by a colorful collection of allies, and butts heads with some nefarious villains, too. And there are animals. A whole lot of animals. It’s fun. Check it out.

But before it can be checked out, it needs some funding. To help with that, I’m running a weekly contest where even small contributions with a good guess would net you an entry for a greater perk in the campaign. If you win, you would get the valued perk of a $100 donation.

This week’s question:

Based on the names of the perks, what do you think is the first animal shape that Doran Titus takes in Escape from the Spotlight?

Check out the perks here. And good luck!


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