Vixen: Legend of the Five Totems

Vixen: Legend of the Five Totems is a full-length novel that I wrote a year ago. After a whole production, and some horrid stuff that I won’t go into but that is nonetheless directly related to the writing of the novel, I finally decided to make it available to the public.

Because I don’t own Vixen, or any of the characters in this, I couldn’t self-publish it, which made me sad. It was not supposed to be a fan-fiction. I was writing this for DC Comics.  It was going on the shelves, and it would be available all over the world. Or so I was told. Long story short, I’m pleased with what I was able to do with this story. The cast grew on me, and after some heated arguments about how this story should go, I was able to navigate it to a place that worked. It found the solid shores on the banks of creativity, and they stuck fast.

So why wouldn’t I want to share it with the world?

Vixen herself is a queen of the Dark Continent, a beauty of strength, power, and wonderful attitude. In Mari McCabe, we get a fierce fox who can take on the skills and powers of any living creature. Through Tantu’s Totem, which she wears on her neck, she can channel the powers of these creatures to ensnare evildoers.

Mari McCabe – Vixen

In Legend of the Five Totems, Martian Manhunter recruits her to start a team to protect her home city of Detroit. Never one to do things traditionally, Mari gathers an eclectic group of misfits around her.

Peekaboo was a nurse-in-training before turning to crime. Eschewing the one-dimensional character we get in the Flash, I’ve gone with the deeper version of her that we get from the comics. This version, Lashawn Baez, has both attitude and a heart. If she was a nurse, what would cause this line-of-sight teleporter to give up such altruism for crime? What would she do if given a chance to redeem herself?

LaShawn Baez – Peekaboo

Marionette is a mimic. Mali Turner was the victim of a the Mad Hatter, a man with an unhealthy obsession with Alice In Wonderland. As Mali had the face of his dream lady (the titular Alice), she became the subject of the twisted terror’s triage. A separate personality was created, leading to a life of manipulation and mania. Eventually, she managed to cut her puppeteer’s strings and fled to the street, where Marionette battled to stay centered in a topsy-turvy world where the spiteful Alice was just a mirror away.

Mali Turner – Marionette

Red X. Perpetually hidden behind his skull, this dangerous vigilante bounces from one battle to the next, beating criminals into submission even as his ghastly visage fills them with terror – not unlike a certain cowled hero from Gotham. But unlike Batman, Red X has no longstanding desire to keep death at bay; he kills with animosity. Though hidden from the world – or perhaps hiding himself from the evils of the world – this enigmatic character gives in to Vixen’s call.

Red X
Red X

Together, they are the Titan Patrol!

But they get far more than they imagined when Vixen’s past calls the team away from home, and into the warmth of Vixen’s homeland, Zambesi, Africa.

We’re nearing the end of the story on Wattpad, and have only six chapters left to upload. However, if you need another site to check out, it is just getting underway at

So get your animal on, and enjoy the adventures of the Vixen today!


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