$wamped to be released soon!

Swamped Cover - Jim and Rob

“$wamped” the anthropomorphic satire set in the swamp lands of Burn City is a tale of Frog Greene, a simple accountant with aspirations of fiscal morality, as he struggles to weed the corruption so deeply rooted into the kingdom. Overflowing with wit and double entendres, Jim Lillie and I have created a fantastic fantasy world where every creature under the sun has their hand in someone else’s pocket, all in the hopes of crawling one step higher than everyone else. Featuring Julius Whooping Crane, the evil corporate magnate; Fly the gag gift guru; Bill Spider, whose hands account for more billing than is healthy for most people; Muddy Mire, the dirty lawyer; and Sandy Pollywog, on a quest to find the Funny Bone. It’s madness, mayhem, and money wrapped up in a stellar package of fun.

This will be released soon via Amazon.com. I’ll keep you all posted as it develops.


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