Watch out!

This week has been a hectic series of trying to put a whole lot of stuff together. Not only am I trying to put together a team that will help me bring about a comic book dream that I’ve had for a number of years, but with some talented help, I’ve been putting my “Vixen” story (starring DC Comics’ Vixen, Mari McCabe) on Wattpad, teaching, and doing a whole lot of other stuff.

Then there is this flub below. Since it’s a flub, it’s not the real thing, and will be edited, and streamlined. Yup, it’s a little rough below. In putting this director, I feel like a rank amateur who’s gotten brought into a set by a director who has their cast redo scenes about 60 times. But it is a sample of what I’ve been needing to put together.

“What for?” you ask.

“Crowd funding!” I hope to release my novel “Escape from the Spotlight” in December. To do that, I will need to raise a little money, so I’ll be launching an Indiegogo campaign in October. Less than a week from now! Woooooo! Exciting!



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