Top 5 Best Transformers Headmasters Episodes

I love Transformers. I love watching their cartoons (not the movies, save for the Animated one), I love collecting their toys and fiddling with them and transforming them (but not the movie toys), I love reading their comics (yes, any and all of them. What were you expecting?), and I even love writing them. (You can go ahead and send letters to IDW and beg and cajole them to have me write for them, if you’d like.)

A couple years ago, I approached the wonderful editorial staff at about some ideas I had for a couple articles. They were kind enough to let me write a few.

The first one I did for them was already posted on this site and can be found here.

But this was the second that I did for them: Top 5 Best Headmasters Episodes

To write this, pretty much all I did was sit down and binge watch the entirety of the Headmasters Series. As to what the Headmasters series is, following the 3 original seasons of the Transformers animated series (running from 1984 through 1986), Japan continued the series with a number of single-season cartoons. Headmasters was the first of these. It took a gimmick where the heads of the toys could detach from the main bodies of the toys and transform into smaller robots. Japan’s Headmaster series saw a whole lot of fun and characterization, complete with interstellar space stations, giant flying scorpion fortresses, a god of destruction, the devastation of the Transformers’ home planet, the second death of Optimus Prime, and a robotic ninja. It was ridiculous, beautiful, and a whole lot of fun. The list I conjured qualified the top 5 of the 42-episode series.


Happy reading and happier watching!

The Link.


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