Have you seen this hashtag? #MeToo It’s trending on Twitter and being shared widely on Facebook. What is it? There are a few variations, but for the most part, women are being asked to copy and paste this status to highlight how prevalent sexual abuse is against women in our society. “Me too… If all the women who have been […]

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One thought on “#MeToo

  1. Yup. Posted it. It is a complicated issue, as there are degrees, from outright rape to verbal harassment, from stalking to Weinstein like power plays. My personal experience has been of the latter two varieties. There were two early and awkward attempts by contemporaries to engage me in sexual activity. My reaction at the time was to run. I was scared of sex, as most girls of my generation were until they graduated from high school. I am concerned, deeply, however that innocent boys and men are being excoriated unfairly all in the name of women’s rights. The issues are monochromatic and oversimplified, as well as displaying an astonishing lack of true feminine strengths. And don’t get me started on the utter hypocrisy of these libber types screaming about how liberated they are, yet they support ideologies that truly mistreat women and girls. The problem is real for women and girls, but the solution lies in knowledge, mutual respect, individual power.

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