Every year that they can, my favorite band, Phish, puts on a costume. Essentially, they put on a costume, but not in the body. Sometimes they do get decked out in different costumes, but not often. The costumes that they don for these holiday events are called Musical Costumes.

A Musical Costume is when they dress themselves in the playing styles and musical nuance of a single artist. Often, these costumes come in the form of a plus-sized album. Over the years, they have donned the musical styles of The Beatles’ White Album, The Who’s QuadropheniaRemain In Light by The Talking Heads, Loaded by The Velvet Underground, Exile On Main Street by The Rolling Stones, and my two personal favorites: Waiting For Columbus by Little Feat, and a cover of Phish. From the future. Though Phish is always able to inject their own musical panache into the molds that their predecessors and contemporaries created, the band manage to pull of equivalencies to the beauty within each album. The end result of the Musical Covers create lasting impressions on those who listen to them. If you don’t think so, then I challenge you to give them a listen.

This year, I had hoped to do a musical costume, too. Sadly for me, my skills with instruments is far behind those of Phish, the Beatles, The Talking Heads, The Stones, or any of those other amazing people. Since I do lack even the most rudimentary musical talent, I’ll simply be dressing up.

Any guesses?


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