Escape from the Spotlight – December 20th

[Edit 8:00 PM 12/12/17]

I think it’s safe to say that this is official. Having just got the completed digital copy in hand, the excitement is palpable.

Cover of Escape from the Spotlight

On Wednesday, December 20th, 2017, my latest novel, Escape from the Spotlight will go live on It will be available on that day in paper form.

Digital form, however, slipped into release under the radar this afternoon! Yup. You can go ahead and grab your copy of the novel right here! While I had planned to get in a holiday sale to help launch the books, I cannot do that. The minimum rate for a digital book is $2.99. So for the month of December, I’ll be using that special rate.

When the paperback version of the novel is launched on Wednesday, December 20th, I’ll try to keep a good promotional Holiday price as well. Keep your eyes peeled on this for updates on that.

In addition, my other self-published novel, The Twelve Cataclysms will also be seeing a matched discount up until the First of 2018. Digital copies will be $2.99. Paperback copies will be $13.00.

Consider it all just some celebratory cheer. I’m excited to finally be seeing Escape escape from my computer and out into the real world, so deals are the word.

About Escape from the Spotlight:

“Queen’s creativity not only graces the world with a fresh superhero, but also gives young adults one they can relate to.” -S.L. Kerns, author of The Rut

Doran Titus doesn’t like being the center of attention. He would much rather be caring for the animals at his family’s sanctuary.

When he barely survives an accident, Doran becomes the focus of a nosy reporter, a wealthy magnate, and a classmate hoping to springboard off Doran’s brush with death to ascend to class presidency. The teen is overwhelmed by a world clawing at his secrets.

After a classmate is murdered, Doran takes the initiative. Thanks to his remarkable metamorphic powers, he is on the hunt. Will he be able to apprehend the assailant before being exposed as the freak shape-changer that he is? Can he ESCAPE FROM THE SPOTLIGHT?


Got questions? Feel free to ask!


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