Ground Zero

Hello world! Long time, no speak, but I’m back with some news.

Things are moving apace with a comic book project that I have been ruminating over for years. It’s called The Aristocrats!

The Aristocrats is an ongoing comic that got its start in my brain while I was still living in Thailand. The premise behind it was to give time to some comic concepts that never really got a decent exploration. To whit, what would a complete physical transformation actually do to somebody? Like if someone gets transplanted into a body that is not their own, or if one were to wake up one day a completely different ethnicity or gender. While some characters, like Marvel’s The Thing, did get a whole lot of page time dealing with such issues, I felt the surface of this concept was barely scratched.

So, in taking the name of a really bad joke, I decided to create a story that would draw readers in, and carry them along until the punchline is finally delivered. Luckily the wait won’t be quite as torturous as the joke, especially as there will be nuanced jokes littered throughout each issue of the comic.

But I digress. At its core, The Aristocrats is a story about a woman, Amusements (or Muse, to those who know her), who has to do a good deed every 24 hours, lest her body start deteriorating. To help her out, she has purchased an apartment building called The Aristocrat, which she plans to fill with people that she can be altruistic for. Everyday altruism, mind you – none of that superhero nonsense (or so she might be inclined to say). The building might be fictional, but it is located in the real-world city of San Francisco, CA, USA.

Below is a short video of me at Ground Zero of the location in San Francisco, CA, where the magic will all happen.

As you can see, I’m pretty excited about everything: the views, the trolley, the wind. I truly have found the perfect location for this wondrous tale I’ll be weaving with some help from amazing talents.

The image at the top is an early model sketch of what the Aristocrat building will look like on the page. The lovely image was done by the artist who will bring the story to life on page: David Dace. The designs of the building were done in 3D by the equally talented Felix Tertius DiRoma . It is an utter pleasure to be working with both these gentlemen, especially as they manage to blow me away with each new piece of art they put out.

If you’d like to see some more of the amazingly talented David Dace’s work, check out the links here: Behance and Facebook

For a link to more of Felix Tertius DiRoma work, he can also be found on Facebook, at Wodan Publishing and at Deviant Art.

One thing is for sure, you will be able to expect many more posts showcasing their various talents in the weeks and months to come!

Feel free to pick my brains about this project! Now that we’re beginning to show you all this wondrous world that we’re creating, we’re pleased as punch to tease what we can.


The Queen has spoken.


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